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2010, the year I published my first book, also the year I started my research on Veritas. 

What started out as research into one thing, quickly turned into a very surprising twist and unexpected plunge down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of information compiled of published lies, misguided facts and references.  The story I initially wanted to write, took on a mind of its own, and led me to an open grave of “what ifs”!  The uncomfortable and upsetting truth revealed that everything I was ever taught, or led to believe was wrong.
Veritas is the very first of my conspiracy thrillers to be released.
Coming – September 2018!


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Cal was momentarily silent. He needed to think. “Jack, I don’t know. I had my case files for D.C. shipped here. There might be something there.”
“Something you’re working on now?”
“Yeah. This case just became international.” Cal gave pause, “How is she?”
Cal sort of laughed, “I bet!”
“Your mother is trying to control things, and to be truthful, I think she knows more than she’s telling.”
Jack heard a sigh come through the phone. “That sounds about right.”
“There is something else, too. Orion is here.” Jack was met with more silence on the other end of the phone. “Did you hear me?”
“You’re positive?”
“You know the answer to that.”
Cal began to wonder if it was just a coincidence that Orion was in Burlington, or if they were trying to send him a message. Cal was torn. He desperately wanted to rush home to Kate. He felt an urgency to be there for her. If he trusted Kate’s safety to anyone it was Jack.
“I know what you’re thinking, but don’t. You need to finish what you’re doing. I’ve got this.”

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September 10th I will be at the Tribeca Cafe 401 E. Main St. in Watertown, WI from 10 – 2.
IF you’re in the area, please stop in I’d love to meet you.

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Katie McGuire finally has that “fairy tale” life with the man of her dreams. After a long romantic get away with her true love, Detective Cal Chapman, all hell breaks when Eddie Landers, the man who had been terrorizing her, escapes from prison! Katie finds she is once again vulnerable, and begins to doubt if she’ll ever have a normal life.

Meanwhile, the ruthless biker gang, 7 Sons of Sin, has been growing in strength and numbers in the Burlington area. Drug trafficking and murder are keeping Chapman on his toes—but Cal’s differences with the Chief of Police are making his investigations even more difficult. When Katie disappears, Cal is torn between Police politics, finding a killer, and finding his missing love. No matter what, it’s now a race against time to find Katie before she disappears forever!

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