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Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Reader,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a romantic day this weekend with someone special. If you have no special plans, then make a special date with a hero in a good book. With so many wonderful characters in novels you can take your pick and enjoy marvelous adventures with them.

I’m about half-way through 7 Sons of Sin, 3rd in A Stranger in the Night series and having fun with it! The characters are maturing and seem to be taking on lives of their own. I’ve been listening to you and have developed Billie Jo and Jack’s relationship. I’ve also introduced some new characters that might surprise you and will certainly have an impact on the series.

I love getting emails about my books and characters, so feel free to email me.
Keep them coming!


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Katie McGuire finally has that “fairy tale” life with the man of her dreams. After a long romantic get away with her true love, Detective Cal Chapman, all hell breaks when Eddie Landers, the man who had been terrorizing her, escapes from prison! Katie finds she is once again vulnerable, and begins to doubt if she’ll ever have a normal life.

Meanwhile, the ruthless biker gang, 7 Sons of Sin, has been growing in strength and numbers in the Burlington area. Drug trafficking and murder are keeping Chapman on his toes—but Cal’s differences with the Chief of Police are making his investigations even more difficult. When Katie disappears, Cal is torn between Police politics, finding a killer, and finding his missing love. No matter what, it’s now a race against time to find Katie before she disappears forever!

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