This Saturday!

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2010, the year I published my first book, also the year I started my research on Veritas. 

What started out as research into one thing, quickly turned into a very surprising twist and unexpected plunge down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of information compiled of published lies, misguided facts and references.  The story I initially wanted to write, took on a mind of its own, and led me to an open grave of “what ifs”!  The uncomfortable and upsetting truth revealed that everything I was ever taught, or led to believe was wrong.
Veritas is the very first of my conspiracy thrillers to be released.
Coming – September 2018!

I’m still here!

WOW!  I know I’ve been slacking – but I did not realize it had been 8-months since my last post!  Shame on me!

Well – just so you know – I’m still here – alive and kicking!

To tell you the truth I have been completely side tracked with two other really “big projects” (for lack of a better term).

For One: I started managing a local rock band out of Kenosha, WI (Mixed Company) in October of 2014.  Not only are they a great group of young men and woman; they have come a long way since I first met them and they continue to amaze me with their many talents.  I’m very proud of them and look forward to sharing in their future successes.


Secondly: I am working along side the intriguing and beautiful rock ‘n roll vampire,Victoria Bathory, while she interviews and promotes rock/metal bands in the Milwaukee/Chicago area.  www.victoriabathory.com

It has been a pleasure meeting and hanging out with so many talented artists!

Don’t worry – I am still researching and working different angles for my spin off series to A Stranger in the Night.  I will keep you all posted when I get closer to publishing.

Stay well my friends!

I’ve been busy

I know I’ve been very quiet as of late; however, I am working on various projects right now.  Including having my 1st book, A Stranger in the Night, re-edited!  Finally it will be the story I always knew it could be!  With that being said…I will also be rereleasing A Stranger in the Night with a entirely new cover!
I will keep you all posted!

Good morning!

Burrrrr!  It’s a tad chilly this morning!

Started a fire and made coffee.

I have received two chapters from my editor and am anxious to get started.  It’s these simple pleasures that make me happy!

Enjoy your day!

Author Event

Saturday November 8th

I have another event coming up this Saturday, November 8th!
It will be held at “Old Toys Live On” hosted by owner Mike Thompson in Kenosha Wisconsin from 12-6pm.
Additionally Authors Anita Meyer, Mary Sutherland, Linda Godfrey, Carol Schaufel,  Alice Stacionis, Nano Munoz, and possibly other authors including TV host Deagar Winter and his Deadgirls from “Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics”!
The newly relocated store is located at: 10710584_611188232322897_2090873298417992998_n.
This is a awesome authentic place with old classic toys, collectibles, and memorabilia.
Hope to see some of my fans there!